Medicaid Leadership Group

Cover of the No Nonsense Guide to Medicaid in IllinoisThe Coalition led this Illinois advocacy organization, which brought together policymakers, legislators, advocates, providers, and consumers to work collaboratively to improve Illinois’ healthcare system.

The MLG provided an opportunity for stakeholders from diverse healthcare backgrounds and interests to seek common ground and find policy solutions that ensured the availability of quality healthcare for all. Finding common health-related causes in the state budget and on the federal front, the group was active in the areas of Medicaid spend-down and “buy-ins,” waivers, and prescription drug plans. The group produced many resources on issues impacting healthcare in the state, including the No Nonsense Guide to Medicaid and the No Nonsense Guide to Medicaid in Illinois, among the first of the kind of practical guides to nitty-gritty aspects of public benefits laws and regulations that would become its trademark. MLG’s Legislator Briefs provide a succinct discussion of relevant healthcare issues for Illinois state policymakers.

Funding from the Retirement Research Foundation, the Chicago Community Trust, the Woods Fund, and the Wieboldt Foundation supported the MLG.


Document: No Nonsense Guide to Medicaid in Illinois

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