The 100% Campaign

Initiated by the SSI Coalition and the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago, the campaign increased Medicaid income eligibility in Illinois from 42% of the federal poverty level to 100%, giving access to 200,000 low-income individuals.

As a “209(b) state,” Illinois was one of a small minority of states that were not required to consider any individual receiving SSI benefits to be automatically eligible for Medicaid. Historically, Illinois had set Medicaid eligibility as low as only 42% of the federal poverty level. The “100% campaign,” initiated together with our partner the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago, had community advocates working with legislators on the issue, and they were successful in in 2002 in raising the eligibility threshold to 100% of the poverty level, giving 200,000 low-income aged, blind, and disabled individuals, including more than 1,500 who were living with HIV, access to health care.

Major funding came from the Retirement Research Foundation, the Chicago Community Trust, the Woods Fund, and the Wieboldt Foundation.

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