Trusted Advisors to SSA

The SSI Coalition served as state systems development specialists under contract with Cornell University and Virginia Commonwealth University, on Social Security Work Incentives programs for community-based organizations across the country.

Drawing on the Coalition’s work in the Regional Work Incentives Work Groups, these efforts helped build state workforce policies to support employment for persons with disabilities. The Coalition convened regional and state meetings of stakeholders in 39 of the 50 states, impacting eight of SSA’s ten regions, sharing best practices and providing technical training. It also assisted Cornell’s Work Incentives Service Center in producing a series of widely used fact sheets and policy and practice briefs detailing how to qualify for the services that could be made available to individuals with disabilities and the agencies and advocates that serve them, helping to remove obstacles to work and pave the way to self-supporting employment.

The Cornell and VCU projects were funded by the Social Security Administration.

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