ACA Enrollment Training

Enrollment assister training
Assister training on Oct 1, 2013

HDA created a curriculum of training and technical assistance readiness for navigators and assisters in Illinois, so that when the Obamacare marketplace opened in 2013, resources were there to help people get covered.

Working with In-Person Assistance personnel, Certified Applications Counselors, and a variety of community groups, IHM staff were prominent among the trainers who held hundreds of in-person and webinar training sessions to prepare the navigators and other enrollment and outreach specialists who would help people get covered. They were also part of the community that in 2013 successfully opposed SB 1194, which would have hobbled navigators and assisters in helping people enroll.

HelpHub, an online community where enrollment and outreach specialists in Illinois can share their experiences helping consumers enroll, now hosted and operated by our partners at the Shriver Center, originated at Illinois Health Matters.

HDA’s ACA training work was supported by the Chicago Community Trust.


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