Technical Assistance on TWWIIA

SSA logoAs a contractor to the Social Security Administration, the SSI Coalition held meetings in all 10 federal regions to share its expertise on the Ticket to Work legislation.

The Ticket-to-Work law created an 11-year funding program, the Medicaid Infrastructure Grants, for states to use in developing supports to help people with disabilities become employed. The primary goal was competitive employment for people with disabilities through improved Medicaid services and stronger supports for working people with disabilities; a comprehensive, coordinated approach to removing employment barriers; and the Medicaid “buy-in” program, designed to reduce fear of losing health benefits due to earnings. Working people with disabilities whose income or assets would otherwise disqualify them from Medicaid coverage can “buy into” coverage by paying premiums. The regional meetings were forums for the Coalition to share its deep knowledge of the new law, advise on the practices and activities that are most important to success in a new initiative, and assist state agencies in crafting plans for their specific employment support programs.

Moving the following year from providing services to SSA to working directly for the states themselves led to the creation of the NCHSD.

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