Medical Assistance Action Plan – the MAP

The SSI Coalition researched and developed “the MAP,” an outline of Illinois medical programs with a blueprint for action.

Created in 1997 in a reorganization that consolidated the functions of several departments, the Illinois Department of Human Services became the state’s largest agency, employing 19,000 staff and providing services to one of every five citizens. Although IDHS absorbed management of more than 200 local welfare offices and several low-income assistance programs, such as Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled, and food stamps, the Illinois Department of Public Aid remained the designated Medicaid agency. Six other cabinet-level agencies were involved in program operations, further complicating a system where numerous governmental entities played a role via interagency agreements.

The Coalition researched and analyzed these interagency roles, and developed a comprehensive inventory of entities involved in the state’s Medicaid program. The report, Medical Assistance Action Plan (the MAP): Illinois Medical Programs Outline and Blue Print for Action, was released in April 2003.

The designation of “single state Medicaid agency” was subsequently transferred from IDPA to IDHS.

The Chicago Community Trust and Retirement Research Foundation provided major funding.

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