Medicare Part D Advocacy and Training

HDA provided training and clarification on the choices and restrictions facing seniors as a result of the Medicare Modernization act, and advocated for Illinois’ pharmacy assistance program.

The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 brought major changes to the program, the best known of which is the entitlement benefit for prescription drugs, Medicare Part D. The legislation also created the “Medicare+Choice” plans (Part C), which gave beneficiaries the option of receiving their Medicare benefits through private insurers. An uninitended result of the act, which caused massive confusion, was a coverage gap, popularlary known as the “donut hole.” HDA provided training and resources on how these changes would work. We also advocated to preserve and improve IL Care Rx, the state’s prescription drug assistance program created in 2005 that provided wrap-around prescription drug coverage to fill in the gaps created under Medicare Part D.

Support came from the Altria Foundation and the Michael Reese Health Trust.

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