Think Beyond the Label

Image stamped from a label maker declaring that Disabilities rarely get in the way, but labels do.HDA spearheaded this $11 million national media campaign on disability and employment, launched in 2009-10, which sought to raise awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense.

More than 30 state health and human services agencies participated via partnerships, leveraging their Medicaid Infrastructure Grants. Ads challenging the traditional understanding of professional capability appeared on television, in print, online, and outdoors, and via a sponsorship deal with NPR, with spots in “Fresh Air,” “Morning Edition,” “All Things Considered,” and “Talk of the Nation.”

The TBTL website offered resources to businesses looking to evolve their workforce, including tools that helped them make the business case for employing people with disabilities, such as an ROI calculator dubbed “Hire Gauge.” The project hosted job fairs and facilitated connections for state agencies to improve their ability to reach this untapped labor pool.

Although the 5-year media campaign ended in 2016, the TBTL website has been maintained in archival form to continue to make available the resources, tools, and success stories that were generated during the active campaign.

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