January 30, 2017

Our One-pagers on ACA and Medicaid

Young woman with babyAs you know, the Affordable Care Act is critically threatened. And these threats extend beyond the confines of the ACA to include attacks on Medicaid the overall federal-state healthcare system. Anticipated changes will dramatically affect people’s lives and shift the entire health care landscape.

That’s why we are creating this series of one-pagers, to show in clear and simple ways how the protections of the ACA affect everyday people’s lives in substantial ways.

The first one describes how “ACA Subsidies Translate to Real Savings.” We hope you will find it useful. The series will include fact sheets on how

  • ACA tax credits and subsidies impact a person’s true out of pocket costs
  • The ACA changes the lives of people with pre-existing conditions
  • The law impacts workforce participation of people with chronic health conditions
  • Medicaid per capita caps is just another name for cuts
  • Medicaid work requirements are a bad idea

We urge you to use and share these briefs in your efforts to educate, advocate with legislators, and shape effective policy.

The Affordable Care Act, landmark legislation signed in 2010, touches the lives of more than 20 million Americans. At Health & Disability Advocates we have a responsibility to inform advocates, health care consumers, and decision-makers on how proposed changes to the law will impact us all, especially those managing chronic health conditions.

We will keep them up on our website for you to use and share. Let us know if there is an aspect of the law’s provisions you would like to see covered.

To get the one-pagers as they come out sign up for our alerts.

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