March 15, 2017

ACA Congressional Outreach

Congressman Peter Roskam with a map of his district
Rep. Peter Roskam, Illinois’ member of Ways & Means

Right now, Congress is weighing the merits of the “American Health Care Act” – the ACA repeal-and-replace bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates 24 million would lose coverage. These are regular, middle-class people who would be left behind: older adults, people with disabilities, people with complex health needs. People like you and your neighbors. Read our statement

What is your member of Congress thinking?

Our new ACA Congressional Outreach page lets you know what your Congress person is thinking about the repeal, gives you the data on what your district stands to lose, and empowers you with advocacy resources and contact information to make a difference.

Rep. Peter Roskam said “I will acknowledge there’s no perfect plan. But we can’t stay where we are.” With ACA repeal, more than 60,000 people could lose coverage in Rep. Roskam’s district.

Rep. Rodney Davis said “Obamacare is collapsing on itself. Some say, then why not work to fix it? But it doesn’t work like that.” With ACA repeal, almost 50,000 people could lose coverage in Rep. Davis’ district.

Rep. John Shimkus said “While the vast majority of my constituents will be glad to see this costly, broken law go away, some are concerned about losing their current coverage. I want these folks to know that vital patient protections will be preserved under the AHCA.” Is that a promise he can keep? Upwards of 50,000 people could lose coverage in Rep. Shimkus’ district with ACA repeal.

Show them how the ACA has helped you and your neighbors!

What if all we had to do was change one vote, one person’s mind? What if it was you that did it? Your voice is the most powerful tool in this fight.

Know what your member of Congress thinks. Tell them that they need to protect you, and your health care, and your community. Call them today. Here’s how

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