Military Sexual Assault Awareness

Training and outreach to improve supports for survivors of “MST”

More military Service Members are sexually assaulted than killed in combat, and these assaults cause PTSD at higher rates than do battlefield experiences. SPW’s nationally recognized military sexual trauma training provides critical information on this under-reported problem, typically called military sexual trauma, or MST. Our workshops educate care professionals and community members on how to recognize MST, make appropriate referrals, and advocate for the survivors. SPW is the only civilian organization approved to offer Military Victim Advocate continuing education credits.

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Our trainings focuses on victim advocacy and helping a client through the “toxicity of MST.” They teach providers of care and supportive services how PTSD, substance abuse, and suicide can be links to MST and how to clinically treat those patients as well as provide helpful therapies. Learn more about our trainings.


The monthly newsletter gathers news items and summarizes journal articles for professionals, making it a must-read in the field. See the newsletter archive.


Tips for Counselors Working with Survivors These brief conversations inform counselors about how to work with survivors of military sexual trauma. SPW’s Zach Hunsinger talks with expert guests on topics around understanding the journey of recovery. This podcast series is presented in partnership with the military clinical psychology program at the department of educational design and innovation, multimedia team at Adler University.

Moral Injury and MST
In this podcast, Eric Herskowitz, Volunteers of America of Illinois’s Moral Injury Coordinator, and Zach Hunsinger explore what is moral injury, how is it different from PTSD, and how does such an injury fit with military sexual trauma.   Listen

Discussing Military Culture
In this podcast, Megan Everett, Navy Veteran and Director of Veterans Programming and Zach Hunsinger explore the role of Military Culture in a survivor’s recovery..   Listen

Unpacking MST, Information for Counselors: Three Stage Treatment Model for Working with Survivors
Zach Hunsinger talks to Eilene Ladson, LMFTA, the military therapist for ChildServ’s Military and Veteran Family Program. She discusses her publication, A Conceptualization of Processing Military Sexual Trauma within the Couple Relationship, and gives advice to loved ones seeking to support a service member or Veteran experiencing MST.   Listen

You’re Grounded! Helping Survivors Connect to the Present
What is it like to be immobilized by emotional pain? What is it like to function in a world that seems scary and unsafe? In this podcast, Lydia Zopf, Veterans Program Director at Thresholds, and Zach Hunsinger explore grounding techniques and describe steps to help survivors gain control and connect themselves to the present.   Listen

From Hazing to Amazing, Male Recovery through Support Group
In this podcast, Dr. Joseph Yount and Zach Hunsinger explore the role of male only support groups in the recovery of male victims of military sexual assaults.   Listen

Available Hospital Safeguards and Accommodation
In this podcast, Jenny Sitzer and Zach Hunsinger explore how the medical centers accommodate survivors of sexual assault.   Listen

How to Encourage Survivors to Parent Effectively and Healthily
In this podcast, Jon Goldner and Zach Hunsinger explore why parents must focus on the needs of their children with an understanding of trauma’s impact on their worldview.   Listen

Making Sense of Problematic Client Behavior
In this podcast, Kelly Carroll, LCSW and Zach Hunsinger explore a deeper understanding of problematic behaviors often exhibited by clients who have experienced trauma and what normal, healthy needs are driving those behaviors.   Listen

Treatment Myths with Clients
In this podcast, Dr. Ashton Lofgreen and Zach Hunsinger explore a deeper understanding of pervasive myths held by counselors about why they can’t work with survivors of military sexual trauma.   Listen

Dealing with Vicarious Trauma
In this podcast, Alexandria Champagne, LCSW, and Zach Hunsinger explore how to manage vicarious trauma for counselors and families.   Listen

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