Sound policy

Delve into the issues in healthcare, clinical practice in responding to trauma, and government run programs. The best way to design sound policy is to bend your ear, open your mind, and discuss the way things are, and what they could be. To stay in touch, follow How Policy Works.



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About Trauma-Informed – Trauma is a devastating part of the human experience for many people: childhood trauma, military sexual trauma, assault, rape, gun violence. “Trauma-informed” is more than a buzzword – it’s a fundamental shift in recognizing that such experiences shape our symptoms and health, and provide important context for both individual healing and the development of improved policy and programs. Born out of our fundamental work in addressing military sexual trauma, these podcasts invite experts to discuss trauma treatment strategies, research, and information about its impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Vets Culture

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About Vets Culture – The customs, social institutions, and achievements of those in military are fundamentally different from their civilian counterparts. From the structures of branches and rank, to systems of law and order, public benefits, and healthcare services, the military has its own unique culture. But even as veterans and active service members live, work, and interact in the largely civilian world, that culture often is unknown and misunderstood by many among us who have not experienced the military. Listen in to help break the disconnect between military service and civilian life.